RaaGaa has a professional project management team which works closely with clients to ensure that the clients have a 360 degree view of the development process. We strongly believe that providing visibility to the client and involving the client in all activities related to the project from technology to resources to implementation plan is the best way to approach a project.

We consider the client to be a part of the team and we ensure that everything related to the project is transparent. This not only makes the client comfortable but also ensures a long term mutually beneficial synergistic business association between the client and us. This open and holistic approach has led to a good working relationship with all our clients and they are also very happy to be associated with us.

Risk Management

Risk is a constant element in every business process. Without a proper risk management plan, the resources of the organisation could be wasted, resulting in unsuccessful outcomes.

RaaGaa uses risk-adjusted performance management and tools which include:

  • Risk identification and quantification
  • Risk management and Plan development
  • Planning solution implementation