We have a wide range of services to offer in order to help you achieve your objectives through effective use of technology. In a short period of time, we have managed to deliver solutions to renowned institutions like IIT-Madras and we have also handled Govt projects for the Govt. of Chattisgarh.

Software Development

Solutions offered by RaaGaa have helped its Clients to effectively position themselves as market leaders various domains. The use of the latest database management techniques, structured back-ends and easy-to-use customer interfaces make our solutions an interactive, two-way communication and transaction channel between the organization and its target group.

Client requests are handled with utmost importance to detail. We provide complete solutions which address the entire gamut of software development life cycle.

Software Demos

No matter what kind of software you sell, online demos are the most compelling way to clearly and concisely communicate the features and benefits of your software to your customers.

What we Do

We create Macromedia Flash based demos, tutorials & walk-throughs for software products & web sites.

Demo Creation Process

1. Create a script based on your inputs.
2. Create a draft version of the demo.
3. Iteratively develop the demo further based on your feedback.
4. Finalize the demo, add voice narration, finish it and upload all files.

Technical Writing and Documentation

We work with you to create clear, concise and no-nonsense technical documents. Our technical writers are trained to create effective documents that bring success to our clients. We understand the technology and follow the latest trends to help you serve better. We are committed to provide you high-quality documents. We write, develop, design and edit the following type of documents for the IT industry:

• User manuals

• Online Help

• Training material like WBT

• Process documents