SOCView is an intelligent integrated security operations solution that effectively centralizes, streamlines and simplifies complex challenges and enables security analysts to cut down on valuable time and effort on a per alert basis.

Leveraging a combination technology agnostic design and workflows, SocView enables you to optimize your existing security technology and processes while empowering the analysts in the Cyber Security Operation Center to do more in less.
Intelligently positioned as a middleware and open architecture solution, SocView enables

  • ¬†Seamless integration into the organizations existing technology landscape
  • ¬†Technology agnostic and open architecture
  • Powerful, best practice based “customizable” workflow capabilities simplify & automate information from multiple, complex tools and processes into a centralized and easy to read screen
  • Simplify communication & collaboration challenges
  • Leverage intelligent analytics to automatically pull and correlate key critical information from your diverse security related data sources
  • Enable faster identification and validation of security events
  • Automatically display to your cyber security analysts in the SOC, as the most relevant, timely, actionable and context rich information
  • Enable better informed and accurate decisions related to the security alert and its related response actions